Benign breast lesions


      Benign breast lesions Inflammatory lesions of breast: Acute mastitis Lactiferous duct fistula Fat necrosis Diabetic mastopathy Silicon mastopathy Duct ectasia (periductal mastitis) Squmaous metaplasia Granulomatous mastitis Fat necrosis: Painless palpable mass. Skin thickening or retraction. Caused usually due to trauma Necrotic fat surrounded by inflammatory cells and multinucleated giant cells Hemosidern laden [...]

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  Breast lesions: an overview


              Breast lesions: an overview Differences in ADH, UDH and DCIS Features UDH ADH DCIS 1.Architecture       a. pattern Varied Same as of DCIS Recognized patterns b. spaces Irregular, slit-like Regular, round and punched out Regular, round and punched out c. bridges Long axis of nuclei parallel to bridge Long axis of nuclei [...]

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Obesity: a disease or a habit


Obesity: a disease or a habit Obesity is one of the important cause of mortality and morbidity of this modern world. It is most prevalent in the developed countries and rapidly growing problem of the developing countries. Definition: Obesity is defined as accumulation of adipose tissue in the body that is sufficient enough to impair [...]

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Diseases of joints and bones


Diseases of joints and bones Osteoarthritis: Age: Late middle age Location: First metatarsophalangeal joint, lumbar spine, knee and hip Radiology: Joint deformity, loss of jont space, osteophyte formation, cystic lesion in subchondral bone. Migration of joint Pathological findings: Articular cartilage damage with change in shape of the articulating surface. Underlying bone surface has smooth appearance [...]

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Pathologists, for granted doctors and unseen legend


Pathologists, for granted doctors and unseen legend   Human body working in its perfect state makes the field of physiology that lets us know how efficiently and delicately every organ, tissue and even each cell of our body is working. But as a natural happening things could occur interfering in the normal function of [...]

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Non-neoplastic diseases of skin


Non-neoplastic diseases of skin Spongiotic Dermatitis:           Clinical findings: Dry, itchy and cracked skin Histopathological features: Basket-weave hyperkeratosis Spongiosis (edema of epidermis that appears as spaces between keratinocytes) Superficial perivascular infiltrate If extensive spongisis,lymphocyte exostosis and numerous eosinophils then it is Allergic contact dermatitis Pityriasis Rosea: Clinical findings: Numerous oval patches [...]

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